Recognizing Signs Your Loved One Might Need Assisted Living

Recognizing Signs Your Loved One Might Need Assisted Living

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Deciding to move a loved one into an assisted living facility can be difficult. As families, we want our loved ones to be able to live independently for as long as possible. However, there often comes a time when a higher level of care is needed. Here are some signs that it may be time to consider assisted living:

  • Forgetfulness becomes more frequent. Normal age-related forgetfulness is one thing, but if your loved one is forgetting important things like taking medication or is getting confused about dates and times, it could signal a need for more support.

  • Difficulty with personal care and hygiene. Bathing, grooming, and getting dressed take more effort and time. Your loved one may need reminders or hands-on assistance.

  • Decline in mobility. Problems with walking, balance, and falls can make it hard for your loved one to get around safely at home. They may benefit from a facility with grab bars, ramps, and 24/7 access to assistance.

  • Not eating properly. Forgetting to eat or loss of appetite can lead to poor nutrition. Assisted living communities like ours provide nutritious meals and snacks for your loved ones.

  • Health issues emerging: More visits to the doctor, hospitalizations, or new medical conditions may require daily nursing care.

  • Signs of depression: Loss of interest in activities, social withdrawal and changes in sleep and appetite can indicate depression. Social interaction and structured programs at a care home like ours can help.



Have an open and caring conversation with your loved one about your concerns. Tour facilities together to find the right fit, and be sure to consider Elisabeth House. With 24-hour nursing care, well-prepared meals, and engaging activities, Elisabeth House provides the perfect blend of independence and support for seniors. The goal is to give them the support they need while still allowing independence. With time and reassurance, the transition can be made smoothly.

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